Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance Services

A) FSSAI regulations

  • FSSAI licensing requirements
  • Dossier preparation and filing for proprietary food licenses
  • Documentation for license
  • Submission of annual returns
  • Documentation for import clearance

B) Food handling operations

  • Preparation of FSMS plans and recall and traceability plan s
  • Preparation of standard operating procedures (SOPs)

C) vendor Compliance

Product-related regulations

  • Product compliance and categorization
  • Alignment with proprietary food deinitions
  • Appropriate additive categorization
  • Certiicate of Analysis CCOA) parameters
  • Labelling, packaging and legal metrology
  • Preparation of representations to FSSAI
  • Product approval documentation

D) FSSAI compliance

Assisting in preparing representations or responses and collating documentation for responding to enforcement queries, as needed.

E) Others

  • Working with companies on global food safety compliances
  • Assisting in aligning FSS regulatory compliance areas with international compliance requirements CCodex standards and legislations in the European Union [EU], the US, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) through the Food Safety and Standards Lookup Plus tool
  • Assisting in obtaining voluntary certiications CHazard Analysis Critical Control Point [HACCP], International Organization for Standardization [ISO] and Halal)