With our years of expertise, collaborations and strong network of industry contacts, we provide insightful analysis of Indian regulatory scenario for Food, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, CBD. We know our homework well.

We do a thorough product analysis and analyze the category for filing the product as per the regulatory framework on behalf of the client.

The regulatory scenario of the country has a strong influence on the approval of any new product. It is therefore necessary to be aware of the latest updates and new regulations or updates. Our strong roots in the industry and professional guidance provide you with the know-how of the updated guidelines and regulations facilitating the filing of appropriate documents for hassle free approvals.

We can act as an authorized agent/registration holder on your behalf for speedy import and market entry of your products.

The application checklist for different products is different as per the guidelines and is mandatory to be fulfilled for successful submissions. We provide assistance in compiling all the necessary documents and their validation as per national/state/district guidelines.

With our team of experts, the slightest details and updates as per the regulations are monitored and communicated to the client for labeling compliance minimizing the chances of queries.

We help our clients throughout the process of regulatory procedures providing step by step hand holding support for successful submission.

The timelines for submission of the application are well communicated to our clients. We assist in timely query responses to our clients filing the appropriate quality documents, reducing the chances of rejection.

Distribution Pathway is a combination of right Distributor Identification and Distribution Point. Our industry vantage point enables us to provide assistance to the importers for identification of distributors with strong networks,ensuring the best distribution and sales of their products to reach their target consumer audience.

Any post marketing changes on the products are notified to the regulatory authorities as per the formats applicable on behalf of our clients. We are in collaboration with Food Supplements companies and can help clients monitor the effects of health Supplements in post approval marketing. We also write and review the reports for our clients enabling them to submit the data to regulatory authorities in India.


Foreign companies with no local presence trying to venture in India need to appoint an Authorized Agent/ Registration Holder. Holding a valid license, we can serve as an Authorized Agent/Registration Holder and be your in-country representative for end to-end registration processes including liaising with the regulatory authorities.


With years of regulatory roots, we provide post registration regulatory support to our clients. These include but are not limited to re-registration, renewal of license, PSUR, ADR reports, pharmacovigilance, distributor identification, regulatory compliance of labels as per new guidelines, complaint handling, query responses, product recall support, liaison with regulatory agencies. etc

In collaboration with Pharmacovigilance companies, we help our clients monitor the effects of medical drugs and devices after approval and post marketing. It helps in the identification and evaluation of previously unreported adverse reactions which need to be reported to the concerned authorities as per requirements.

Indian agent must possess a valid wholesale license (Form 20B, 21B & 21C) to be an Authorized agent/Registration Holder. We hold a valid wholesale license and can act as an authorized agent/registration holder on your behalf. Our years of experience in successful imports of products for our clients has given us valuable insights into the licensing industry which we bring to the table for our clients.

We help our clients file for re-registration of their products well before the prescribed time so that the license or registration certificate may stay valid and doesn’t expire.

We help our clients obtain the Import License for Import swiftly by filing the acceptable documents to the regulatory authorities enabling speedy market entry.

Form 9 is undertaking for authorization of Indian agent or of manufacturer or registration holder and is to be submitted along with application for an Import License in Form 8 to obtain Form 10. It is required to be notarized and authenticated from the Indian Embassy of the country of origin. In case of Indian agent it won’t require attestation. We provide services as an authorized agent and also support our clients in notarization of documents from different Embassies in India.


Our distributor identification services enable our clients to succeed in the Indian market for successful launch of the products. Identifying the right distribution channel to reach out to your customer is a job half done.

We hand-hold our clients in providing targeted solutions based on their requirements. These services are handled by our experts having years of experience in this field.

We believe that our clients should know all the required details of market and competitors before drawing a strategy to enter a particular market. We provide a business plan that includes all the relevant details from disease, its prevalence to available therapeutic regimen, competitors, therapy positioning and likely pricing and volumes.

We undertake both In-Licensing and Out-Licensing thus helping our clients to expand their geographical reach.

The right partner company is the key to succeed in any market. Our in depth knowledge of the market and excellent networking with decision makers in the potential licensor organizations, helps us to provide RIGHT TARGET.

We assist our clients in negotiations and completing the deal till the final commercial agreement is signed.


We provide a single window distribution point for our clients along with import and warehousing facilities, distribution channelization, invoicing and record maintenance services in India.


We act as a stock point for International companies. All products are meticulously stocked as per the requirements and in compliance with the standards.



We provide end to end services for import, clearance and warehousing of products. This brings confidence to our clients that there will be hassle free import and products are in safe hands.



We are networked with the best in line logistic companies to ensure timely delivery of products to different distributors across the vast geographical span of India.



We understand the importance of maintaining all records for operational and legal purposes. We employ the latest technology to ensure efficiency and detailed record keeping with necessary backups wherever needed to prevent any data loss.